National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Releases Column Highlighting Importance of Planning

“This starts with understanding the unique challenges posed by drought. We have no direct control over if it rains or snows — or not. So, what does a drought strategy for a rancher look like? For one, hoping for rain is not a drought strategy. All of us do it, but it doesn’t increase control over the situation. Instead, a strategy has to focus on what you can control.”

Alumni of AgNext Secure Positions in Cattle Industry and ESG Communications

By: Rebecca Crook, Media Intern   The AgNext team is composed of a variety of employees, including researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates. Our students that are part of a Master’s Degree Program study under Dr. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Director of AgNext, and focus their research on sustainability

Communications Student Sydney Gradisar-Jansen Begins New Position at AgNext

Welcome our newest Media Intern, Sydney Gradisar-Jansen! She is majoring in Journalism & Media Communications with the long-term goal of becoming a media manager. Sydney currently integrates her passion for media through her own small business. “I have a portrait photography business where I take

Animal Health Directly Affects Sustainability Efforts

Written by Mesa Kutz, Logan Thompson Ph.D., and Kim Stackhouse-Lawson Ph.D.  Animal health is broadly defined as “the absence of disease or the normal functioning of an organism and normal behavior” (Ducrot et al., 2011). Animal health is one of the key factors of sustainability,