Challenges and Outlook of Carbon Markets in Animal Agriculture

One of the major challenges related to carbon sequestration on rangelands is the establishment of the baseline. Often the measurement and verification of actual soil carbon stocks is cost prohibitive, so markets rely on models to estimate carbon sequestration, which add uncertainty for buyers of

Overview of Carbon Markets

In the broadest sense, carbon markets are financial platforms that allow for the transfer of carbon credits, typically quantified as a metric ton of CO2 – or the equivalent of some other greenhouse gas. In these markets, CO2 becomes a commodity to be traded between

AgNext Leading in Grazing Systems Research

When we think about research in sustainable animal agriculture, an important field to consider is emissions management in grazing systems. While research in this space is limited, we know that it is necessary in order to understand production sustainability and efficiency for grazing cattle. Methane

Achieving Net Zero in Animal Agriculture

Climatic changes as a result of increases in global average temperature since pre-industrial times are a concern to societies around the world. Estimates are that global temperatures are approximately 1.1 degrees Celsius higher today than pre-industrial times. Climate change can lead to increased risks that