About AgNext

Colorado State University’s history is rooted in research and innovation in the animal agriculture space which makes it the perfect home for AgNext. 

At AgNext, we are committed to finding sustainable solutions for animal agriculture. We work with members of the entire livestock value chain to produce new solutions that help move the industry toward a sustainable future. 

Our Focus Areas:


We advance human, animal and ecosystem health while improving food security and creating stronger communities. 


We enhance the health, performance, efficiency and safety of the supply chain to optimize natural resource use


We create strategies focused on replenishing the natural resources that are critical to animal agriculture production through adaptive management that benefits the ecosystem.

Research Capabilities

In 2022, we completed the renovation of our Climate-Smart Research Facility. Over one million dollars of donated equipment from our Industry Partners allowed us to complete this project. Today, this is the largest research facility dedicated to climate-smart research in the country. 

The Climate-Smart Research Facility is located at Colorado State University’s Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center. The close proximity of the facility to the main campus enables the AgNext team to be closely involved with ongoing research projects.

The facility is equipped with SmartFeed, SmartFeed Pro, SmartScale and GreenFeed machines designed by C-Lock Inc. With this highly specialized equipment, AgNext can research both feedlot and grazing systems in-house. For feedlot systems research, there are 6 Climate Smart Pens. Each pen is large enough to hold 50 head of cattle, allowing a maximum feedlot research capacity of 300 cattle total. In addition to the Climate Smart Pens, AgNext utilizes the 200-acre grazing pivot for grazing systems research.

The combination of our state-of-the-art facility and our team of experts allows us to work diligently toward  identifying innovative solutions that foster the health of animals and ecosystems.

Industry Partnership

Strong external partnerships are a key component to the success and innovation of AgNext, including leadership from our Industry Innovation Group.

This group provides input on strategic initiatives and programs, acts as a soundboard for new ideas and opportunities, promotes the AgNext in the livestock community, helps recruit talent and elevates AgNext on a global scale.

With the support of our partner Industry Innovation Group, AgNext works to address the urgent needs of producers and food systems through the lens of animal agriculture to ensure a safe and nutritious food supply.