Two cows walking through field

About AgNext

Colorado State University’s history is rooted in research and innovation in the animal agriculture space, making it the perfect home for AgNext.

This new research collaborative works with members of the entire livestock value chain to produce new solutions help move the industry toward a sustainable future.

With the support of our partner Industry Innovation Group, AgNext works to address the urgent needs of producers and food systems through the lens of animal agriculture to ensure a safe and nutritious food supply.

"Together, as a community of researchers, farmers, ranchers, processors and consumers, we can work to understand our impacts and improve the sustainability of animal agriculture systems."

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Director AgNext


Identify and scale innovation that fosters the health of animals and ecosystems to promote profitable industries that support vibrant communities.


Animal agriculture is a sustainable component of our global food system by providing economic, social, and environmental benefits to Colorado, the Nation and the world. 


We advance the science of animal agriculture to ensure a continued safe, secure, and nutritious food supply.  We encourage the adoption of best practice and we convene critical conversations. about sustainability in animal agriculture. 

Focus Areas:


We advance human, animal and ecosystem health while improving food security and creating stronger communities. 


We enhance the health, performance, efficiency, and safety of the supply chain to optimize natural resource use


We create strategies focused on replenishing the natural resources that are critical to animal agriculture production through adaptive management that benefits the ecosystem.