AgNext’s Team consists of feedlot specialists, dairy specialists, economists, modelers, nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers, communicators, undergraduate students, and graduate students. 
A multidisciplinary team of this kind is unique in academia and is a large part of our success in finding sustainable solutions for animal agriculture. With our broad team, we excel in all aspects our research objectives. 


Assistant Professor of Livestock Economics
Dairy Systems Specialist
Agricultural Economist and Extension Specialist
Assistant Professor and Feedlot Specialist
Associate Professor of Feedlot Systems
Director of Agricultural Modeling and Lifecycle Assessment
Systems Modeling Research Scientist

Leadership Team

Manager of Communications​
Communication and Administrative Coordinator
Research Scientist
Grazing Management Outreach and Research Coordinator

Affiliate Faculty

Headshot of Franklyn Garry
Coordinator of Integrated Livestock Management
Shawn Archibeque Headshot
Ruminant Nutritionist
Rangeland Livestock Systems Extension Specialist
Assistant Professor, Clinician
Irrigated Cropping Systems Specialist


Doctoral Student
Doctoral Student
Ashley Schilling
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Senior Communications Intern
Communications Intern
Administrative Intern
Administrative Intern
Research Intern
Multimedia Intern
Corporate Sustainability Intern