Categorizing Sustainability Marketing Strategies: A Summary of the Sustainable Initiative Transparency Matrix

Adapted from Rebecca Crook, 12/13/2021. Written by Lauren Besser, Graduate Student, AgNext, Colorado State University   The recent demand for sustainability initiatives and development plans has stimulated change in the world of agriculture. With the recent agenda announcement from the Biden administration for the “Build Back Better Plan,” many companies in the

Soil Carbon: What it is and Why it is important

By: Mesa Kutz, Kim Stackhouse-Lawson Ph.D., and Logan Thompson Ph.D.   Soil is the backbone of our society, providing the medium and nutrients we need to support our population. Soil organic carbon is an important indicator of soil quality, and helps to regulate nutrient supply, microbial activity, and soil moisture

Ruminants as Part of a Sustainable Agriculture System

By: Samantha Clark, Logan Thompson Ph.D., and Kim Stackhouse-Lawson Ph.D. Every person needs food, and should have access to a safe, nutritious, and affordable diet. All food production produces greenhouse gases, whether plant or animal sourced, and humanity depends on agriculture for food production. Livestock

IPCC Annual Report 6: Physical Science Basis

By: Logan Thompson and Kim Stackhouse-Lawson In August 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th annual report released its draft on the physical science behind climate change. This draft report, developed by a global team of scientists from IPCC: working group 1, is