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Published Thursday, February 10, 2022

The world is warming, leading to enduring changes in weather patterns that affect all aspects of society. And it’s at least in part a consequence of how gassy cows are.

Published Thursday, February 10, 2022

“Sustainability is defined using a three-pillar approach social, economic and environment,” Stackhouse-Lawson said. “Each pillar is dependent on the other, and no one pillar is more important due to the complexity and importance of animal agriculture systems. We must consider interactions and potential unintended consequences of solutions towards enhanced sustainability.”

The three-pillars of this approach overlap and they all need to be equal and balanced to work, Stackhouse-Lawson explained. In her mind, this overlap can be seen by thinking about how they interact with each other and how a sustainable practice might change animal welfare or the cost associated makes the system really challenging to navigate.

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Historic drought in the West is forcing ranchers to take painful measures. “We’re having the death of trees like I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Thousands of trees are dying,” he says of species that have adapted to Arizona’s desert landscape, such as oak and mesquite. Nearly 1,000 miles from McGibbon’s ranch, near Rio Vista, California, the drought on Ryan Mahoney’s ranch feels just as bad.

Published Friday, October 9, 2020

Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, who has been working as the director of sustainability for JBS USA for the past four years, has been hired as the first director of Colorado State University’s new Sustainable Livestock Systems Collaborative. She will start her new role on Oct. 12. The Sustainable Livestock Collaborative, announced last December, was designed for “CSU livestock and animal health experts to work alongside industry, government and other stakeholders in addressing 21st-century challenges as well as training current and future livestock industry professionals,” the university said.

Published October 2020

Colorado State University’s Sustainable Livestock Systems Collaborative has hired its first director: Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, who has been the director of sustainability for JBS USA, will take the helm of the new collaborative starting Oct. 12. “I am excited to build a world-renowned program that drives scientific progress, empowers students, and provides worthwhile guidance to the industry to enable us to continue to feed the world sustainably,” she said.

Published December 2019

The College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are spearheading a collaborative to support profitable, sustainable and healthy livestock production. In a move to address the dramatic global demand for safe, high-quality protein-based food sources, Colorado State University has announced the creation of a first-of-its-kind collaborative to support profitable, sustainable and healthy livestock production.