AgNext featured at International Livestock Forum

On January 12, 2022, leaders in agriculture met at Colorado State University to discuss current happenings and issues in the meat and production industry. The National Western Stock Show partnered with CSU Animal Sciences Department to host this event, bringing together some of the most influential individuals in the agricultural industry.  


With focus on the future of the industry, keynote speakers delivered presentations ranging from marketing standpoints within the industry to sustainability within agriculture. Advertised for its networking opportunities, the International Livestock Forum hosted both speakers and breakout groups to allow for productive communication between industry leaders, graduate students, and spectators. Panelists include Randy Blach of CattleFax, Dan Halstrom of USMEF, Dr. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson of AgNext, Greg Ibach of the University of Nebraska, and Dr. Mindy Brashears of Texas Tech University.  


During her presentation, Dr. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson summarized the mission of AgNext by defining sustainability within agriculture. She focused her speech on the impact that ruminants have on global climate change, along with the science behind the mitigation of greenhouse gases. Dr Stackhouse-Lawson also expanded on economic elements such as risk factors, profitability, and management systems. She included details of recent events in the industry, including the 2021 COP26 conference and International Panel of Climate Change AR6 report, and discussed the impacts that each have already made on both individuals and industry leaders.  

Between speaking sessions, attendees joined breakout sessions surrounding topics such as Consumer Perceptions, Logistics & Transportation Services, Meat Supply Chain Challenges, and Foreign Animal Disease. Following the presentations and group discussions, the ILF held a networking reception for guests to continue to converse with scientists and leaders alike. The 2022 Forum is the 8th annual collaboration between CSU and the National Western Stock Show, as the first International Livestock Forum took place in 2015. The event serves as an opportunity for those in the agricultural industry to join and learn more about the components that bring them together. 

Written and Photos by Rebecca Crook, AgNext Media Intern.